Sep 23 2009

Live Room Recording of Slow Sound Festival Performance

Published by Sander at 8:25 pm under Live Tracks, Past Performances

Wow!  I felt really good about tonight’s performance.  It was great having David Witham sit in with us and, not surprisingly, his talent and artistry contributed greatly to the evening.

The event was well attended, and people seemed to enjoy what we did.  (that’s always a nice bonus!)

We should have photos soon but, for now, here’s a recording of the show:

The Appearance of Innocence

Because we were using two (2) PA systems, one for Carl and one for me, with David split between them, I wasn’t able to get an accurate board recording.  Although you can hear some talking, and the occational passing vehicle, the recording is actually quite nice.

Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to all who support us in other ways.  We really appreciate it.

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