Sep 06 2008

Audio Tracks

Published by Sander

Studio Tracks

Dancing Upon A Foaming Sea – The 1st ‘official’ ASA studio project

Swimming In Dark Waters – A studio project with elements from DUFS

On This Road – ASA’s first “song”

Another Road – ASA + David Witham, with synth bass by Janis Tanaka

Embogged – The first collaboration between Karloff and I, for his Refrigerator Mothers project. I added lap steel guitar, bass, one sample, the phrase “Why did my head go numb?”, and synth bells.

We created three connected studio tracks:

Read some production notes and view screen shots of the project.

Live Tracks

The Union of the Heavens – Live at Puka Bar (1st performance)

The Quality of Volition – Live at the 5th Annual Dung Mummy Festival, with Catastrophic Mermaids on Parade

The Meditative Madness of Winter – Live at {open} with Niall Morgan (Deer Tear)

In A Strange CountryPart 1 & Part 2 – Live at Koos with Niall Morgan (Deer Tear) and Jeremy Morelock

The First and Fourth Intellects – Part 2 – Live at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

Epiphany’s Labor – Live at Puka 1/5/09 with special guest David Bunoan

The Inner Restraints Of Conscience – Live at Echo Curio 08/15/09

The Appearance of Innocence – Live at Viento y Agua, with David Witham: Day 4 of the Slow Sound Festival

Upon the Lips of Angels – Live with Christie Scott (Bavab Bavab), under the stars in the Mojave desert, as part of Dung Mummy’s Nomadic Transmissions: Offerings to the Sunrise II. My good friend, who uses the name AudioChef, created an interesting mashup using this track.

Innumerable Earths – Live, with David Bunoan, Jeremy Morelock, Kirk Pickler, Christie Scott, David Witham, and Mike Weber.

In the Shade of Night – Live in Culver City at the Silver Factory Studio

To Form One Mind (With special guest Orlando Greenhill)
- Part 1 – @ {open}
- Part 2 – @ Exhibit [A]
- Parts 1+2

The Higher Reaches – with The Lap Steel Duo, live @ Sipology Village – 100910

The Index of the Mind – with Kirk Pickler, live @ Sancho Gallery – 012811

Bright Virtues And Mysteries – with Kirk Pickler, live @ Puka Bar – 013111

[Sadly, we did not get a recording of our performance at the annual Santa Ana Noise Festival III on December 17th of 2011, but Stephen Anderson, the event's organizer, recorded a bit of video.]

The Hidden Nexus – live @ Open Windows on – 062512 [You can also hear the conversation, with Ustad Morelock and Steve Baratta, that followed our performance.]

Circumambient Superficies – Live @ the Bungalow Art Center’s Mondo Cinema Screening Room – 11-18-12

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  5. [...] are a total of seven 10-minute excerpts. You can find them all on the ‘Audio Tracks‘ [...]

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