Nov 05 2009


Published by Sander

Ain Soph Aur is thrilled to announce their first official release, a limited edition of 50 CD-Rs with photographic art, a book mark, and hand made cloth sleeve.

The CD features 5 tracks, including the 33 minute epic, Dancing Upon a Foaming Sea, and the ambient/minimal Swimming in Dark Waters.   It also includes two versions of Embogged, a pre-ASA collaboration between Carl and Sander for Carl’s Refrigerator Mothers project.

The studio process involved working independently, sharing sound elements, and adding to them. Ultimately, the elements were assembled into the final piece.

In DUFS you’ll hear the cries of cats, gulls, and sea lions, electric bass and guitar, reed organ, voice, hand drums, bells, horns, bowls, and flutes.

In SDW, the basis of the piece came from a short segment recorded for DUFS, which was then slowed down and heavily processed. Carl then added a keyboard part, and Sander added guitar and voice.

CD Art

The CD is released and distributed by URCK Records, and can be purchased through them. They have an amazing catalog of work by a variety of talented artists and groups. They are tireless advocates for experimental music, and continue to smash “the iron ears of oppression, one tribe at a time.”

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