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Jan 07 2009

Photos From The Puka – 1/5/09

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Glenn Bach, a wonderfully talented artist, writer, and good egg was at the Puka on Monday and, unbeknownst to me, took a bunch of lovely pictures during our performance. I’m not sure, but Shea Gauer of SMGSAP may have taken some too. Anyway, mad props, kudos, and thanks to both for hooking us up with this documentation:

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Jan 06 2009

Live at The Puka – 01/05/2009

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Last night, Ain Soph Aur somewhat prematurely celebrated their one year anniversary at the place where it all began back in February of 2008: The Puka Bar. More specifically, Ken Huntington’s Long Beach Musicians’ League helped to ‘midwife’ ASA into existance by asking me if I wanted to organize an evening of eclectic music performances.

Last night, Carl Off and I were joined by David Bunoan, a celebrated local guitarist, amp tech, and all-round good egg. He used some unique Moog-designed pedals, and a tricked-out iPod Touch, to create all kinds of tweets, warbles, and wails. It was great! Carl and I had our usual contingent of bells and whistles (literally).

The recording is about 25 minutes long, and goes through several distinct phases. It starts out quite quiet, and gets quite loud. As with all of our recordings, I recommend a listening with a good set of headphones.

The performance was entirely improvised, unplanned, and wonderfully intuitive.

Following our set, SMGSAP and Between Ravens and Crows performed great sets of their own.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Epiphany’s Labor.

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