Feb 01 2011

ASA + Kirk Pickler @ The Puka Bar 013111

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Jeremy of The Deglet Noor Faqirs invited ASA to perform with him, and a group from Barcelona, Qa’a. ASA invited Kirk Pickler, also from the Faquirs, to join them. Unfortunately, Carl became ill and was unable to play, so Sander and Kirk soldiered on without him.

We captured a ‘board’ recording of the performance, which was titled Bright Virtues And Mysteries.

Ken Huntington, who organizes music for the Puka Bar and is a long time and avid supporter of experimental music, videotaped our performance and posted it on YouTube. Here are all three parts, strung together in a ‘playlist.’

Our sincere thanks go to the band and audience members who shared the evening with us.

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  1. Arbyon 02 Feb 2011 at 7:25 am

    Now this was great! I liked that voice in the background. What is it saying?

    I feel like I am in Viet Nam pushing slowly thru the jungle. The radio man behind me and freaky sounds in the jungle, as we near this village outpost. Waiting for nightfall.then, a bright light from above and I look and see a UFO beaming aliens down. They look terrifying. But as they approach the VC and us, a sense of warmth and love permeates. We prepare a feast and dine together. Thanksgiving, VC style.

    Then the aliens vaporize us all. And all you can hear is birds.

  2. VonCarrionon 02 Feb 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Ultra extra special thanks to Ud. Morelock for the amazing projections!

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